About ECC

Welcome to the Greenwood Early Childhood Center, the home of the CUBS (Capable, Unique, and Busy Students).  Our goal is to provide a quality early childhood experience that will be meaningful and engaging for each of our students. 

Our curriculum is A Big Day in Pre-K, a preschool curriculum that is designed to meet the learning needs of our four-year olds. Early Childhood Center teachers and assistants have been trained in the use of the curriculum materials. We want all of our students to be well prepared for kindergarten and we believe this curriculum and the Good Start Grow Smart state standards for 4K will help us achieve that goal.

All of our students are screened with the DIAL-4 (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning), 4th Edition. This assessment is designed to help us identify children who are in need of intervention or diagnostic assessment in the following areas:  motor, concepts, language, self-help, and social-emotional skills. 

South Carolina legislation mandates the administration of a readiness assessment to all students entering a publicly funded prekindergarten by the 45th day of the school year and again during the last 45 days of school at a minimum.  The data from this formative assessment is used to inform individual literacy instruction.  The myIGDIs (my Individual Growth and Development Indicators) is administered in a one-on- one setting by the child’s teacher. Greenwood 50 made the decision to administer the myIGDIS early numeracy assessment as well.  We will also use the myIGDIS assessment as a mid-year measure of student progress. 

At the Greenwood Early Childhood Center, it is our sincere desire to provide children and their families with quality preschool experiences necessary for school success.  We want our students to grow and learn in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.  Our intention is to form cooperative partnerships with parents and our community so we can work together to meet the needs of each child and ensure his or her success.

Please come and visit us during the year!  I think you will be impressed with our school.  Our faculty and staff have a love for young children and believe these early years lay the foundation for all the years to come.

School Address:      1125 East Cambridge Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29646
School Phone:         (864) 941-5520
School Fax:              (864) 941-3497
School Motto:          The Pride Starts Here!
School Colors:         Red, Yellow, and Blue


Come join us-- The Pride Starts Here!